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LMI Channel One: Live & Recorded

 -Note, to enlarge the screen, click ustream on the particular channel. Broadcast once live are recorded and placed on the drop down menus. Mystical/Spiritual Reality TV: Channel 1 Live streaming video by Ustream _______________________________________________  ...

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If You Had Known, You Would Have Asked Him For A Drink, OR Even A Mortgage Payment. by Joseph Scott Jr. Rev. Esq.

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If you had  know who I am, you would have asked me for a drink of water, and I would have given you a drink of living water. John 4   Broadcast live streaming...

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Mystic Reality: Seven Spirit of God, And Mankind. Come Up Hither, It Is Time. by Joseph Scott Jr. Esq.Rev.

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MYSTIC REALITY: Spiritually there is more happening in each of our lives than meets the human eye. God’s revelation is not about yesterday, or even tomorrow. It is about NOW. Today you are visited...

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