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Revelation, Church 3, Pergamus: Defiling Spirits, And The Power of Faithfulness, by Joseph Scott Jr. Esq. Rev.

In the beginning Adam, once gave up all for the lust of his eye, Eve. Near the end, the Church ...

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Time Is A Spirit Governing Our Lives by Rev. Sandy

Time is a living breathing creature, a spirit created by God. We need to be in synch with God's spirit ...

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Revelations 1, 2, Ephesus, and Smyrna: Standing In The Gap, For Your Family

The revelation of the churches and Ephesus and Smyrna. Moving from life, to death, and to real life again. Standing ...

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Mystic Reality, World Channels, Prelate Joseph Scott Jr. Esq. Rev.

Our World Channels. Notice: Thurs. Bible Teaching Will Resume 12/11/14 We will be adding new channels and content often. So join ...

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Revelations 2: Ephesus, And Purifying Your Family Bloodline. Overcoming Sin, The Beginning

By Joseph Scott Jr. Rev. Esq. Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

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Revelations 1, part 3: Angels Waiting For You To Speak and Believe. Preparation for Dominion; by Joseph Scott

God instructed John to speak to the Angel,not to the Church! What is God asking you to do today? God has ...

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Ali, A Man Who Chose His Faith, Over Millions

An Amazing Story of Faith and More. The man, and the mystery revealed. Ali. Broadcast live streaming ...

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The Keys In The Book of Revelation,Chapter 1, part 2, Opening The Book of Your LIfe Now.

The Power of Revelations for your life NOW. Part 2 of the study and revelation of the entire book of Revelation, ...

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Are You Ready, If He Calls Your Name This Night? by Joseph Scott Jr. Rev Esq.

12The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and ...

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Never Give Up! Hold On To Your Faith, Just A Little Bit Further. By Joseph Scott Jr. Esq. Rev.

The Battle is the Lords. Do not give up now! Man of God, Woman of Glory, The Father Is Watching, The ...

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15 Minutes of Worship, In The Presence of Jehovah, God All Mighty. by Pastor Scott.

In the presence of God, troubles vanished, hearts are mended in the prsence of the king. Worship God, alone. ...

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Book of Revelations, A Study Of Revelations Now, Part 1. by Joseph Scott Jr.

It is possible, perhaps indeed necessary for us to know and see levels of heaven and hell on earth now. ...

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Special Announcement: Join Min. Sam Wright in Sun Early Morning Glory

Join Rev. Sam Wright Every Sunday Morning 9:15amEst on Early Sunday Morning Glory: Get Your Encouragement For The Week Tune in ...

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Getting Healthy With God;Believing The Impossible

Getting Healthy With God; Believing The Impossibly by Rev. Sandy For years my body has fought me. Obesity was the DNA ...

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Cruising With The Sunshine

Cruising With The Sunshine by Rev. Sandy We recently went cruising on the Carnival Sunshine. It was awesome. The most awesome ...

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Tired? Worn Out? Have Doubts? Enter Into God's Rest. Hebrews 4: Joseph Scott Jr. Esq. Rev.

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream Highlight: Message Only, without testimony, Heb 4,by J.Scott Broadcast ...

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Fri. Night Lights: God Has Spoken Let The Church Say Amen!

Friday Night Lights: God Has Spoken Let The Church Say Amen! Regardless of what the doctors, mortgage company, job, love ones ...

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Your Family Is More Than Your Natural Bloodline. Luke 8:21

If you do not place your family, first, then despite all the great things you may do, YOU WILL BE ...

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Nehemia 4:1 Rebuilding Hope. We Need One Another. by Joseph Scott Jr. Esq. Rev.

Don't Email Me. Call, come and touch me. For WE are in need of one another. The Lord made it ...

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UNTCI Live Events Taking Place This Weekend

UNTCI Live Events Broadcasting From The West Coast   Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream    

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Our World Channels.

We will be adding new channels and content often. So join us. The next person you see, may be you, anywhere and everywhere on planet earth. -Note, to enlarge the screen, click ustream on the particular channel. Broadcast once live are recorded and placed on the drop down menus. However, live video allow chat and interaction. Blessings to all. :)

Mystical/Spiritual Reality TV: Channel 1

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Live streaming video by Ustream

 LMI Radio and TV: Channel 2

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Celebrating Jesus TV: Channel 3

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2 Responses

  1. Sandra Wright says:

    God May The viewers and listeners be Encouraged.

  2. Joseph Scott Jr., Beyond Time says:

    Lord bless the broadcasters and those who come to see and hear.

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