Finish the work; you are so close to real life. Hold On A Bit Longer.

Finish the work. You are so close to your real life. Hebrews 10 35-37. The Price Is Paid. Hebrews 10 35-37.  By Joe Scott A Listener Wrote:  This morning's message is simple, yet the most important message and gift that God has for us. GOD LOVES US! When we learn to love Him in return, that is where we receive the power of God. Hebrews [...]

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Know The Truth and The Truth Shall Set You Free. John 8:32, by Attorney Joseph Scott Jr. Rev.

A little leaven, leavens the whole lump. Galatians 5:9. Your victory is at [...]

” God’s Point of View” By Attorney Joseph Scott Jr. Rev

Receive Your Miracle. This is God's point of view. What is [...]

U.S Supreme Court, Same Sex Marriage, ” Who It Is That Rules Me”. By Joseph Scott Jr. Esq. Rev.

Same Sex Marriage, Christian Church, Impotency, and “Who It Is That Rules Me”. By Joseph Scott Jr. Esq. Rev. In a decision, 9 lawyers, 9 Justices, of the United [...]

Love Not The World, Neither The Things In The World. 1 John 2:15 Attorney Joseph Scott Jr. Rev.

Notre Dame Law School, Class of 81 Have you received the Holy Spirit since you believed? It was after the third ascension of Christ that the Holy Spirit was made available [...]

Suffering? He himself Will Restore You. by Attorney Joseph Scott,Rev.

YOU MUST LIVE AND NOT DIE, AND DECLARE THE WORKS OF THE LORD. The high calling of God.—Properly, the calling which is above... Fight the good fight. Finish the race. 1 [...]

God Said To You, “I have completed my circuit, I have completed my cycle”, part 1; By Rev. Bettye Scott

A Prophetic Word...  Is this for you? …I kept hearing the Lord say to me, "I have completed my circuit,   I have completed my cycle” Dr. Bettye Scott, December 25, [...]

Love, Will Cast Out All Fear, Depression, Sadness. The Gift Is Waiting For You Attorney Joseph Scott, Rev.

Only one thing can fill the yearning in each of us, and without it, without him we are forever to wonder! It is time to allow HIM in. Will you do that this day? [...]

“Shame” , Defeating This Master Spirit, by Joseph Scott Jr.,

What the devil meant for evil, God has turned to good! You may have spent years trying to make up for something you did, or think you should have done. Perhaps you are trying [...]

Life Abundantly, Must Be Ascended Life Only, by Joseph Scott Jr. Rev. Esq

The 4 stages to ascension as demonstrated by Elijah, apply to all of us. Beware and know that you struggle is over. Today if you will hear his voice, you can have life [...]